Pets for Seniors

Ricky and Jim

Our first adoption

. This is our first adoption William Yot and Ricky. Jim as we know him lost his dog sometime ago. They would walk in the park every day. So when he heard about the Pets for Seniors he applied.  After many meet and greets none of them seem to be a right fit. Jim was about to give up, but we really wanted this to work so we brought up a cocker and this little tike with big black ears. Well Jim wanted a medium size dog but  as fate will have it he and Ricky just clicked. The cocker never had a chance. Jim and Ricky went home for a trail.  Jim calles me the next day and the adoption was final. The were a team. A few days later  Jim calls to say Ricky went walking but could not keep up only went about a mile. A MILE  I can’t do a block. Well they went walking every day and now that are up to five miles a day. Ricky and Jim go everywhere together.