About the Foundation

The Hillcrest-Flynn Pet Care Foundation is a registered 501(c) (3) non-profit committed to the care and well-being of domestic pets, particularly in the care and feeding of dogs and cats that are in animal shelters and /or are in need of veterinary care. Our goal is to support local pet rescues by raising enough food donations to feed all of the homeless pets in rescue, and eventually to assist by offering financial backing for necessary vet care, spay-neuter clinics and microchip clinics.  None of this is possible without the support and donations of our community… please donate.


Here are just a few of the pets that your donations support:

Isabell - Animal AdvocacyThis is Isabell. She came to Animal Advocacy of Mercer & Crawford Counties in August 2010 with a bad eye. We are not sure what happened except she had lost her actual eyeball somewhere along the line and it had become badly infected.

When Isabell first came to us she was shy and unsure of herself. In the last month or so she has really come out of her shell since the surgery. Her eye was cleaned and is now sewn shut. Isabell is approximately a year old and house trained. Isabell has been spayed and is up to date on all her shots. She has a very sweet disposition and is now starting to play with the other dogs. She loves attention, is great with kids, and is surprisingly very used to not being able to see out of that eye. She has never growled or snapped at us when we come up on her blindside. She is a relaxed dog who needs a wonderful home. 


Hanna - Lyon's Den RescueMeet Hanna. This poor little girl was most likely dumped by her previous owners. She was found alongside a busy road by a good samaratin and brought to Lyon’s Den Rescue. Hanna is about 2-3 years old and is a real sweetheart, was just recently spayed, and is now ready for adoption. She is very good in her crate, ignores the cats but is afraid of the big dogs, so a dog her size or smaller would be best for Hanna. This is a very sweet, quiet little girl who is looking for a forever home.


Shiloh - Cat Landers One day, Maleia at Cat Landers Rescue got a call that a beautiful fawn colored cat was seen several times eating out of a dumpster at a nearby business. She couldn’t find the cat when she went there, but the next day she was hit by a car and she died. Someone saw a kitten that was the same color running away from the site down a busy highway. Maleia went to where the kitten was seen and the kitten was terrified and had climbed under a car at a restaurant. With help from the car’s owner, she was able to get the kitty from the engine area. The kitty, who was named Shiloh, had a severe upper respiatory infection and eye infections. He was very undernourished but nursed back to health. He is as beautiful as his mother was. It is sad that she was probably left in a box somewhere to fend for herself with her litter. Shiloh is about 4 years and still needs a home.

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Hope & Faith - Club Pet Hope & Faith - Club Pet Hope & Faith - Club PetMeet Hope and Faith, 10 weeks old Lab/terrier mixes. Their former owner was feeding them “when they had time” and brought them to a kill pound when they determined that they really didn’t have time for them. Club Pet Adoption saw them while they were there rescuing a senior dog and couldn’t leave them behind. They are doing much better and are gaining weight and starting to play. They are very sweet and love to snuggle.

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